Frequently Asked Questions


    CrowdRising is a Person to Person, Direct Funding and Crowd Sharing Platform. It brings forth a new way of raising funds for various causes, whether it is for personal needs or a host of worthy causes, such as churches, schools, non-profit organizations, etc.
    Neither, CrowdRising is a Platform made by the people and for the people. It was created by a group of like-minded people for this very purpose.
    Yes, it is available worldwide.

There are 3 ways to get involved:

    1. To be a member of CrowdRising, you must first join The Team Phoenix Transformation, LLC (for FREE).
    2. If you have been invited to join by a family member or friend/person, click on that person’s “The Team Phoenix Transformation, LLC” Register link (you should see your sponsor’s name in the “Sponsor“ box) and you will be instructed to fill out a simplified registration form.*
    3. In the event that you were not invited by family /friends then you can join by going to (The Team Phoenix Transformation, LLC). Once you are signed in you can click on the “Programs List” page and then the CrowdRising link. Go to the Sign-Up button. You will then be referred to someone in the Team Phoenix group and the system will automatically spill you down into the first eligible or qualified referrer’s group.

* See the tutorial videos on the website (before logging in) by clicking on the Tutorials tab on the top menu bar. You'll see how to register, upgrade and more. Please watch these videos before proceeding with the sign-up form and subsequent upgrading.

    Yes, we encourage you on having additional accounts for your different goals, but we strongly recommend that you have three members to sign up under that new position. There is a way that you can setup these additional accounts to keep the platform moving and help everyone be successful. Look on the Info & Tutorials link (at the top of CrowdRising Website) and there is a link to a presentation to give you great advice on how to set up additional accounts and how to use the same email address.
  2. CAN I SIGN PEOPLE UP MYSELF? Yes you can. In fact, you are encouraged to do that to make sure that the people you refer are placed under the correct Referrer, which is you, but keep in mind that once you have 3 personal referrals, your additional referrals automatically spill down into your direct referrals genealogy. You will also be able to dictate where you want the referral to go, from the 1st generation level all the way down to the 10th level.
  3. ARE THERE ANY FEES TO PAY? No, there are no fees of any kind. We offer the system 100% free of charge.
  4. WHAT DONATION/PAY PROCESSORS ARE USED? There’s 1 International Payment Processors that everyone must use,so there are no issues with anyone being able to donate to another regardless of where they are located in the world. You may have additional Payment Processors as long as you have the 1 mandatory processor. (See Terms for stipulations on Payment Processors)

****Bitcoin (Everyone must be able to donate and receive Bitcoin. No exceptions!!)****

  1. ARE THE PAYMENTS AUTOMATED? No, as you receive donations from another participant, you will need to verify that the funds were deposited in whichever processor your Referral chose. Then and only then should you approve the donation. Donations must be approved or declined within 24 hours. If the referrer does not take action within that time limit, their account will be locked until some action is taken and during the locked timeframe, they will not be able to receive any donations; nor will they be able to donate.
  2. CAN I EDIT MY PROFILE, E.G. CHANGE MY EMAIL ADDRESS OR DONATION METHODS? Yes, you are in control of your account. See the tutorial section for editing your profile.
  3. CAN I CHANGE MY REFERRER? Should you need to change your Referrer, you will need to contact support, outlining the reason(s) why you want to change. You can do this either through the Live Support button or write an email to The support team or system administrator will reply to you as soon as possible.
  4. I SENT THE DONATION BUT MY REFERRER HAS NOT APPROVED IT. WHAT CAN I DO? There will be a timer, which the recipient of the donation will see to determine how many hours they have to approve the donation. If the timer reaches “0” and the donation has not been confirmed, you will need to contact support with proof of donation, ie, a screenshot of the Transaction ID made through the payment processor. Simply upload the document and send it to 2theteamphoenix@gmail.comfor further investigation by the support team.
  5. I SAW THE NAME OF MY REFERRER ON THE SIGN-UP FORM, BUT IT SHOWS A DIFFERENT PERSON AS MY REFERRER ON MY DASHBAORD. WHY IS THAT? This is due to spillover. You will need to refer to a tutorial video or to the PowerPoint slide show on the website, before you login, to understand how spillover works.

For example: Bob has filled his Stage 1 with 3 members, but you happen to be the 4th person that has signed-up under his referral link. The system will still show that you have signed up under Bob, but since Bob can only have 3 members on his first level, which is Tier 1, the system automatically spills you downwards into Bob’s next generation of members that have not filled their Tier 1 yet. Let’s say you land on Kathy’s first level. The system will now show Kathy as your Sponsor and your $20 donation must be sent to Kathy and not Bob.

  1. ARE THERE ANY REFUNDS? No, there are no refunds allowed, since all donations are sent directly from one person’s processor to another person’s processor. No funds are being held by the Administrator or the Founding group.CrowdRising has NO 3rd Party Processor to handle any transactions.
  2. WHEN I WENT TO UPGRADE TO A HIGHER STAGE, THE SYSTEM SHOWS SOMEONE ELSE AS MY REFERRER ON THE UPGRADE TAB TO WHOM I HAVE TO SEND MY DONATION. WHY IS THAT? This is how a pass-up works. You will need to refer to a tutorial video or to the PowerPoint slide show on the website before login, to understand how a pass-up works. For example, your direct Referral donated $20 to you. When you step up or upgrade to Stage 2, the donation goes up to your Referrer's Referrer. When you step up to Stage 3, it goes to the 3rd Referrer, in that order all the way to Stage 10 and that is how the donations from your generation’s referrals will flow up to you.

Those that you see in your 1st generation are your direct referrals, which you have personally referred, and they will donate $20 to you. Those that you see in your 2nd generation will donate $40 to you when they step up to Stage 2. Those in all other stages will donate to you whenever they step up and submit the donation required for that particular Stage. As your donations increase with every Stage upgrade, the same applies to your referrals donations when they donate to you in the exact same fashion.

    You will need to refer to a tutorial video or to the PowerPoint slide show on the website before you login, to understand how this all works. If you are still in doubt then do NOT make the donation until you:
    1. contact your Referrer or
    2. contact support via Live Chat (not available at this time) or send a support ticket to 2theteamphoenix@gmail.comwith details, name of your Referrer and the name and email address of the member the system is showing where to send the donation. And either the system administrators or support team will get back to you as soon as possible.


       For further information, go to the website, view the videos on the Tutorial Tab, contact your Referrer, or get on the Live Support (not yet available) and be assisted in real time. If they are offline, use the Support ticket on your Dashboard or send an email to

Only submit ONE ticket per issue per 12 hours. We do our best to respond to all tickets effectively and in a timely manner, but patience is necessary.